Whitening Your Teeth Safe and Naturally

There are so many ways to achieve whiter teeth but not all are safe and effective. You can go for in-office treatment or at-home whitening treatment, but it is best to choose the safe, natural and effective method. You can always go for a natural method, yet you have to know that the result of it will always depend on the condition of your teeth. Basically, a healthy and strong teeth is the foundation of a white teeth. No matter how you undergo teeth whitening if your teeth are unhealthy you can never achieve your desired result.

Here are some of the safe and effective ways to whiten teeth naturally.
• Eating crunchy fruits such as strawberries and apples. According to dentists, eating apples can remove the leftover foods in your teeth and mouth that may serve as food for the bacteria. Apple is also rich in a substance called the malic acid that helps dissolve teeth stains. Malic acid is also a chemical used in other teeth whitening products. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and help your teeth become stronger and healthier. It has a natural astringent agent that dissolves tooth stains.

• Eating vegetables. One of the vegetables that serve as teeth whitener is the carrot. It is also rich in Vitamin A that keeps the enamel healthy and strong. As you chew carrots, your mouth produces more saliva. The saliva kills mouth bacteria and cleans your teeth at the same time.

• Rubbing your teeth with banana or orange peeling. Both orange and banana peeling contains limonene and Vitamin C. Limonene is known to be a natural cleaning agent. It removes teeth stains as you rub it over your teeth.

Applying this method may take months before the results become evident. If you want the fastest way of whitening your teeth, but in a safe and natural way, you can go for teeth whitening treatment at PureSmile Sydney. For just an hour or less you can achieve the white teeth that you desired. Aside from its safe and effective method, staffs are very hospitable and friendly. You can absolutely get the result that you want.